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Our interview software helps you prepare and conduct a better interview, decide which candidate to hire, and improve your overall process.

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Perfect your prep

Research your candidate


Contact information Resumes
Online Presence Portfolios

Profiles contain candidates’ contact information, resumes, portfolios, online presence and more – All in a central location easily accessible for you and your team.

Now, what do you want to ask?

Quick and intuitive - just tell SuitedTo what you are interviewing for, and it takes care of the rest!


Tools at your fingertips

Interview Builder
Interview Templates
Knowledge Pool

Our intelligent interview builder helps you choose the best questions from our crowdsourced question pool and allows you to add your own questions tailored to the specific candidate and the position. Want to keep track of your favorite questions? Just save an interview template - it’s an easy way to remain consistent across candidates.

Conduct awesome interviews

Using Live Interview:

  • The only tool designed to support interviewers during an interview.
  • No paper required - complete access to questions, resumes, notes, and feedback.
  • Add, delete, and change questions on the fly to follow the natural flow of your conversation.
  • The clear and simple interface, friendly with all devices, keeps your focus on the candidate and off the screen.

Need professional help?

  • Some things are better left to professionals! Let SuitedTo connect you with the right one.
  • Pro Interviewers are domain experts available to you to support your candidate interviews.

We came to the realization that quality interviews are not linear conversations. Effective interviews don't just go straight down a checklist of questions. Interviews follow twists and turns, questions lead to follow up questions, and whole new areas of interest are often uncovered. Live Interview provides a way for interviewers to follow the natural progression of the conversation while continuously adding context and simultaneously ensuring that key topics and concepts are addressed.

– Patrick Hutchinson
SuitedTo Co-founder and Lead Developer

Decide with confidence




SuitedTo automatically prompts the interviewer for feedback at the conclusion of a live interview - reducing reminders and increasing efficiency.

It is easy to provide feedback - just reply to the SuitedTo email, which will automatically be included in the candidate’s SuitedTo profile.

Hiring managers and Recruiters can view all feedback in one place making it easier to decide on next steps for the candidate.

Improve your interview process

Track, measure, and analyze your hiring process through SuitedTo to continuously refine how you interview. Request feedback from your candidates to get a complete perspective on your interview process and employer brand.

Good is never enough for us. We want your interviews to be awesome! That's why we add new questions daily and are constantly analyzing the application to deliver new features.

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